Biology Evolution and Genetics Online Quiz Test MCQs

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To to help you in checking your level of knowledge about Evolution and Genetics, given below is a free online quiz about this topic. Four alternative options will be shown below each question and you will be required to identify the correct one.

Biology Evolution and Genetics Online Quiz Test MCQs


1. Lamarck was incharge of invertebrate collection at Natural History Museum in:

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2. Oldest known vertebrates fossils belong to the class:

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3. Lamarck published his theory of evolution in:

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4. Change in frequency of alleles at a locus that occurs by chance is called:

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5. Most fossils are found in:

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6. Which of the following factor cannot change the gene frequency?

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7. Armadillos are the armored mammals that live only in the:

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8. The idea of inheritance of acquired characteristics was presented by:

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9. Modern synthesis or Neo-Darwinism includes ideas from:

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10. The main cause of extinction of species include:

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11. The succession of fossil forms is a strong evidence in favour of:

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12. Endangered species of plants have been recorded to more than:

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13. The oldest known fossils are:

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14. In Ecuador, factor coverage has been reduced by:

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15. Darwin published “The origin of Species” in:

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