Biology Biotechnology Online Quiz Test MCQs

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Biotechnology is the use of organisms and living systems to develop any technological application that uses living organisms or biological systems, derivatives. To to help you in checking your level of knowledge about this topic, given below is a free online quiz about Biotechnology.

Biology Biotechnology Online Quiz Test MCQs


1. A very useful method of DNA finger printing is:

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2. Plasmid pSC 101 has an antibiotic resistance gone for:

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3. Cell suspension cultures of Digitalis lanata produce:

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4. The means by which recombinant DNA is introduced in a host cell is called:

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5. Urine is preferably used as a vehicle for biotechnology product than:

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6. The crossing of different varieties of plants or even species is called:

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7. In a cell process of DNA replication carried out by an enzyme DNA:

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8. Meristem is a:

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9. Soyabeans have been made resistant to a common:

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10. About three billion base pairs are present in the genome of a:

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