Biology Biological Molecules Online Quiz Test MCQs

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To help our visitors in preparing for their all Biology subject related written exams in best possible way, we have provided a free online quiz below which includes important questions and answers about the biological molecules. Just attempt the quiz in order to check and also improve your overall preparation level.

Biology Biological Molecules Online Quiz Test MCQs


1. The survival of an organism depends upon its ability to take some chemicals from its environment and use them to make chemicals of its own:

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2. Some proteins work as carrier and transport specific substances such as oxygen, lipids, metal ions, etc. known as:

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3. A branch of Biology, which deals with the study of chemical components  and chemical process in living organisms is known as:

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4. All living things are made of certain chemical compounds, which are generally classified as:

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5. A basic knowledge of Biochemistry is essential for understanding:

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6. The whole metabolism of the cell is controlled by the proteinaceous agents called:

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7. Name the first microbe to have the genome completely sequenced:

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8. Most of the cellular secretions are in the form of:

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9. Nucleohistones are present in:

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10. Pentose sugar in ribonucleotide is:

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11. Pyrimidines nitrogenous bases include:

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12. All the information of the structure and functioning of the cell is stored in:

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13. The nucleoside forms a nucleotide after combining with a:

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14. Photosynthesis, respiration, digestion and muscle contraction can all be described in:

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15. Two different molecules, belonging to different categories, usually combine together to form:

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